Message from the Chair       

We need strong entrepreneurs to grow our Island economy. We need to strengthen and support the existing primary industries, but seek new areas where we, as an Island, can become a centre of excellence.“.
Wayne Carew, Chair, Island Advance Advisory Board


Vision and Mission

Island Advance’s vision is to be a catalyst for entrepreneurship.

We work with stakeholders across the province to bring people and organizations together, to facilitate connections and make things happen.

Our activities are specifically focused on improving access to private-sector capital for start-up and early stage companies; integrating entrepreneurial newcomers into the Island business community; and inspiring Islanders at any point in their career to consider entrepreneurship as a viable option.

In a nutshell, Island Advance celebrates, supports and encourages entrepreneurship. 


Island Advance works towards three broad objectives:

Embrace Entrepreneurship 

  • Celebrating and showcasing local entrepreneurial success stories

  • Creating enthusiasm among youth for entrepreneurship

  • Providing mentoring and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs

Improve Access to Capital 

  • Supporting investors through investment education

  • Providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with investors

  • Influencing public policy in support of capital formation

Integrate and Retain Entrepreneurial Immigrants 

  • Encouraging cultural diversity in our business community

  • Identifying relevant business opportunities for newcomers