Island Advance Youth Entrepreneur Symposium

Island Advance Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium
In  January 2016, key stakeholders that promote and encourage  entrepreneurship were brought together as part of a second Youth  Entrepreneurship Symposium. The objectives for this session were to:
  • Follow up on our discussions from 2015 and further define ways to work together; and
  • Continue to inform each other of programs and initiative available in PEI.
The 2016 event included a discussion that built on the key areas for collaboration identified in the previous year.


Advancing Entrepreneurship among Island Youth: Summary Key Findings Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium April 2015

On April 15, 2015, over 30 individuals representing 17 organizations came together for a half-day session on youth entrepreneurship. The objectives of Advancing Entrepreneurship among Island Youth were to:

  • Better inform each other of programs and initiatives available in PEI, and
  • Identify opportunities to work together to advance entrepreneurship among Island youth.

IA Task Force Report

Advancing Our Economic Future

In 2012, a task force was created to identify key areas to help promote economic growth in Prince Edward Island. This task force completed a report titled “Advancing our Economic Future” which outlined recommendations aimed to create a vibrant entrepreneurial community in the province.

Full Task Force Report (English) – Download PDF

Task Force Executive Summary (English) – Download PDF

Task Force Executive Summary (French) – Download PDF