Prince Edward Island Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Inventory, Gap Analysis and Baseline Data Collection Final Report

Over the past decade, Prince Edward Island’s entrepreneurial ecosystem has been
gaining traction. It now includes a growing base of companies, key institutions leading
research and development and a strong post-secondary education sector, with
advances in cluster development, momentum and maturity.

The bioscience sector and a growing information and communications technology
(ICT) sector are the most mature in the PEI ecosystem, although other sectors are
scaling nicely.

Overall, the PEI entrepreneurial ecosystem is doing very well as a relatively new and
evolving ecosystem.

Led by Island Advance (IA), this project focused on:

presenting an inventory of the various elements that comprise the entrepreneurial
establishing baseline data, to the extent available, to be used for the ongoing
measurement of momentum in the ecosystem; and
identifying and analyzing gaps in the ecosystem.
The vision is to use the baseline data as the starting point for future performance
measurement to gauge ecosystem momentum over time.


Find the link to the full report below. 

Entrepreneurship Report FINAL 2018


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