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    Advance Payments Program More Info

    Advance Payments Program (APP) is a financial loan guarantee program that gives producers easier access to credit through cash advances. This means improved cash flow throughout the year and better opportunities for marketing their agricultural products.

    Aerospace and Defence Tax Holiday More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Aerospace and Defence Tax Holiday gives aerospace and defence related companies a corporate tax exemption.

    Atlantic Innovation Fund More Info

    The AIF is helping Atlantic Canada compete at home and abroad by supporting the development of innovative products and services that lead to commercial success.

    BDC - Aboriginal Entrepreneur More Info

    There are over 27,000 Aboriginal entrepreneurs in Canada, according to Census Canada. This is 30% more than the 1996–2001 period.

    To respond to this increased level of activity, BDC offers an even greater variety of consulting and financial services for Aboriginal businesses

    BDC - Entrepreneurial Skills More Info

    There are just as many answers to the question: "What is an entrepreneur?" as there are entrepreneurs. But there is no doubt that entrepreneurs with good business skills can go far. Consider the pros and cons of different management styles and hone your managerial skills. Achieve long-term objectives by polishing your business skills, improving your strategic thinking and incorporating business networking into your activities.

    BDC Growth & Transition Capital More Info

    BDC's Growth & Transition Capital team offers mezzanine, cash flow and quasi-equity financing solutions on flexible terms to both mid-market and high-revenue Canadian companies. These solutions allow your business to raise capital when you have insufficient tangible assets to pledge for security and don’t want to dilute ownership.

    BDC Industrial, Clean and Energy Technology (ICE) Venture Fund More Info

    The BDC Capital Industrial, Clean and Energy Technology Venture Fund tailors its investments towards capital-efficient and scalable businesses with the potential to reach and operate across a global market. They invest in early and development stage companies as well as use our experience in Canadian materials, electronics and ICT to build global companies to be commercial successes.

    BizPal Permits and Licences More Info

    BizPaL is an online service that provides access to information on business permits and licences needed to establish and run a business. It is free to use, available 24/7 and provides access to integrated information from Canada, Prince Edward Island and other participating provincial, territorial and municipal governments.

    Business Development Program More Info

    The Business Development program can help you set up, expand or modernize your business. It can also provide financing to develop your innovative ideas and improve your competitiveness.

    Canada-Atlantic Provinces Agreement on International Business Development More Info

    This ACOA initiative helps established exporters expand their activities into new and more diversified markets. It also helps new exporters get started.

    CanExport More Info

    Financial support for your small or medium-sized firm’s development of new export opportunities.

    Capital Acquisition Program More Info

    The Capital Acquisition Program covers the cost of buying equipment, renovations and/or lease improvements.

    Community Economic Development Business More Info

    Local investors in Community Economic Development Businesses will receive relatively generous personal income tax credits for their commitment to local community investment. An investment is eligible for RRSP tax deductibility.

    Concierge Innovation Canada More Info

    Connecting you to funding, expertise, facilities, and global opportunities to help you grow your business.

    Craft Development Program More Info

    The Craft Development Assistance provides financial support to assist Prince Edward Island craftspeople expand and diversify the production of quality crafts for local and export market demand.

    Development and Commercialization Fund More Info

    For businesses that are in the final stages of developing a new product or service and are seeking support to move their product beyond the pilot stage and into full commercial development.
    Additional Info: Applications for the current round of funding have closed.

    Emergence - Canada's Bioscience Business Incubator More Info

    Emergence is a virtual business incubator focused on food-to-pharma. Companies receive comprehensive support customized to their needs and benefit from experienced mentorship, specialist services and established networks.

    Entrepreneur Loan Program More Info

    The Entrepreneur Loan Program is an initiative of the Province of Prince Edward Island designed to help make financing available for the purpose of helping new businesses get started and established firms make improvements and expand; to improve access to loans that would not otherwise be available to small businesses up to 100% of the loan request, less the recoverable taxes; and to stimulate economic growth and create jobs for Islanders.

    Entrepreneur Programs and Organizations for Youth More Info

    A list of programs and resources targeted for youth in Prince Edward Island (pdf download).

    Entrevestor Intelligence Report April 2016 More Info's Intelligence report for Atlantic Canada for April 2016.

    Food Island Partnership More Info

    Food Island Partnership is an organization dedicated to the Food Industry on Prince Edward Island. They partner in projects with companies, industry partners, research, development and technology institutions to further the growth and profitability of the food industry of Prince Edward Island.

    Futurpreneur More Info

    Mentors provide business advice, as well as support and encouragement, to help young entrepreneurs remain focused on what is important for the success of their business. Find out more about being hand-matched with a Futurpreneur Canada mentor or about volunteering as a Futurpreneur Canada mentor.

    Graduate Mentorship Program More Info

    The Graduate Mentorship Program is an employment program developed to help employers create long term employment opportunities for unemployed recent post-secondary graduates in their field of study. An employer receives a temporary wage subsidy to provide mentorship and a valuable work experience for a new full time employee. At the end of the wage subsidy, the employee should be fully productive and contributing to the success of the business.

    Grow Export Program - Trade Team PEI More Info

    In the interest of growing the number of exporting companies in Prince Edward Island, as well as the volume of exports from the province, Trade Team PEI has developed a comprehensive Grow Export Program to provide support, tools and resources to interested companies through a customized program – from self-assessment to in-market experience.

    Harry MacLauchlan Memorial Award in Entrepreneurship More Info

    Awarded to a student entering fourth year who has taken Business 371, Entrepreneurship, demonstrates enthusiasm for self-employment, shows promise for executing a business plan, and has his or her own business or is actively involved in managing a family business.

    Human Resource Implementation Assistance More Info

    The Human Resources Implementation Assistance is designed to help new, existing and growing Prince Edward Island business. This will build value in your small or medium sized company through strengthened human resource skills. The support offers financial help to your Prince Edward Island business to gain the professional skills that will help in the design, development and fulfillment of your human resource plan.

    Human Resources Planning Assistance More Info

    The Human Resources Planning Assistance is designed to help your company to develop long-term human resource policies for the recruitment and retention of employees.

    Ignition Fund More Info

    Ignition is a competition for entrepreneurs seeking startup funding. Applicants will compete for capital awards to start or expand their business. With this investment of seed capital, entrepreneurs can develop their ideas into tangible and viable businesses. Innovation PEI will award up to $25,000 to the winning applicants.

    Incoming Buyers Program More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Incoming Buyers Program helps bring potential Canadian buyers and business partners to the province.

    Industrial Research Assistance Program More Info

    This NRC program helps firms to develop technologies and successfully commercialize them in a global marketplace.

    Information Technology Implementation Program More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Information Technology Implementation Program covers the costs needed to action the information technology plan.

    Information Technology Planning Program More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Information Technology Planning Program helps companies with the costs to hire a consultant to develop an information technology plan.

    Innovation and Development Labour Rebate More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Innovation and Development Labour Rebate program can help pay for specialized staff needed to develop new products, processes and services.

    LearnSphere’s Commercialization Consulting and Mentoring (CCM) More Info

    The Commercialization Consulting and Mentoring (CCM) Program provides access to financial resources for Atlantic Canada-based SMEs, universities, research institutions and other strategic partners to assist in their commercialization efforts.

    Lobster Holding Assistance More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Live Lobster Holding Assistance is designed to address space issues and to manage the market supply of live and processed lobsters on PEI. Through this program, government can provide financial help for the building and growth of land based live lobster holding facilities.

    Marketing Support Program More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Marketing Support Program helps companies pay for marketing activities related to expanding and/or developing markets for their products and/or services.

    MaRS Discovery Centre - Entrepreneurship 101 More Info

    Starting a Business? Start here.

    Entrepreneurship 101 is Canada’s largest live and online entrepreneurship course.

    Aimed at technology entrepreneurs and social innovators, the course covers the fundamentals of starting and building a new venture: testing the market, defining a business model, organizing finances, recruiting talent and more.

    MicroLoan Program More Info

    This new initiative will help assist entrepreneurs with financing and working capital requirements with Finance PEI providing loans up to a maximum of $15,000 per applicant for new and expanding businesses to further respond to the needs of local entrepreneurs.

    PEI Connectors More Info

    PEI Connectors is for people who are new to people who are looking to connect with the business community. It’s designed to assist new Islanders gain better understanding of the PEI economy and potential business opportunities by connecting them to members of the business community.

    PEI Crafts Council More Info

    The mission of the Crafts Council is to promote the making and acceptance of quality handcrafted items through the provision of programs and services; to encourage and assist those who are creating and producing the future heirlooms of Prince Edward Island.

    Pilot and Discovery Fund More Info

    For new and existing businesses that are in the early stages of developing a new product, service or process.This is designed to provide early stage capital to accelerate the research and development phases of your project.

    Product Development Program More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Product Development Program is available to Prince Edward Island companies to access professional and technical assistance when developing or improving a new food product or process.

    Productivity Improvement Program More Info

    The Productivity Improvement Assistance supports Prince Edward Island businesses to improve productivity in order to pursue trade and export opportunities more competitively in the global marketplace. The project must provide economic benefit to the province and cannot jeopardize similar businesses.

    Professional Services Program More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Professional Services Program helps cover the cost of hiring a professional to develop/finalize a business or marketing plan, as well as train management in new skills that will help manage the business better.

    Propel ICT More Info

    Launch is Propel ICT's program for early stage companies that are pre-revenue; with little to no traction. They will guide entrepreneurs through the early stages of validating, developing and launching a startup. This program is delivered onsite at one of their community partners: St. John’s NL, Fredericton NB, Halifax NS, and Charlottetown PE.

    Provincial Nominee Program - Business Criteria More Info

    The PEI PNP Business Impact Category provides an opportunity for foreign nationals to apply to be nominated by Prince Edward Island to become permanent residents of Canada providing they invest in and actively manage a business in Prince Edward Island.

    Publishing Assistance Program More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Publishing Assistance Program helps publishers in the production and presentation of their literary works.

    Quality Improvement Support Program More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Quality Improvement Support Program covers the costs for companies to hire a professional to create a quality improvement program or a quality education program for staff.

    Rental Incentive Program More Info

    From Innovation PEI, the Rental Incentive Program can subsidize the cost of renting business space.

    Self-Employ PEI More Info

    Self Employ PEI is an employment program developed to help job seekers who want to launch their own business. This program provides financial support and business counseling to new entrepreneurs during their first year of operation.

    Share Purchase Tax Credit More Info

    The Share Purchase Tax Credit can prove a tax rebate to a person who invests in a PEI company.

    Skills PEI More Info

    SkillsPEI manages the delivery of training and skills development programming.

    Specialized Labour Tax Credit More Info

    The Specialized Labour Tax Credit program helps companies hire staff with specialized training and skills.

    The Mi’kmaq Confederacy Employment Services More Info

    The Mi’kmaq Confederacy Employment Services provides and administers employment-based programs and services to all Aboriginal people living on PEI, including status and non-status First Nations, Métis and Inuit Peoples living on and off reserve across the entire province. As a client-focused program, emphasis is on providing the support clients need to return to
    work, and for training. Services are delivered in both urban and rural locations. Service sites are on Lennox Island and Abegweit First Nations, Charlottetown, and Summerside.

    The PEI HR Toolkit More Info

    A free online resource designed to assist small businesses with their human resource management needs.

    Trade Assistance Program More Info

    The Trade Assistance Program helps businesses participate in trade missions and trade shows.

    Trade Team PEI More Info

    TTPEI is a joint agreement between the Province of PEI and ACOA and other departments and agencies offering export assistance to potential exporters. Its mission it to promote the expansion of PEI’s economy through increased international trade in goods and services and related activities. It provides Island exporters with a variety of services and programs.

    UPEI Entrepreneurship (BBA specialization) More Info

    The courses and experiences related to the specialization in entrepreneurship provide students with the knowledge and the experiential learning to start up a business or manage one in an entrepreneurial manner.

    Web Presence Program More Info

    The Web Presence Program helps cover the cost of having a website developed.

    WorkPEI More Info

    WorkPEI is a website that matches job seekers with employers in Prince Edward Island. WorkPEI is a comprehensive job board and also provides economic indicators and labour market information.

    YDAY More Info

    YDAY is a unique one day event that will bring together a diverse and talented group of young people aged 16-34 who want to influence decision makers and contribute to the future of Prince Edward Island.

    Young Millionaires More Info

    Teaches business skills such as record keeping, marketing, customer service, public speaking. Grants of $100-$150.

    Youth Employment Program More Info

    This NRC Program provides financial assistance to innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada to hire post-secondary science, engineering, technology, business and liberal arts graduates.

    Youth Social Innovation Capital Fund More Info

    We believe in the potential of young entrepreneurs and their ability to have a significant impact in shaping their communities. We’re committed to providing you with the skills, connections, and financial resources to succeed:
    Financing solutions that focus on your character rather than collateral
    Consistent and comprehensive support for the development of your enterprise and for your growth as a young social entrepreneur
    Learning and mentorship opportunities to build your business skills and industry knowledge

  • Organizations (55 resources found)
    4-H PEI More Info

    PEI 4-H is a family-oriented, community-based, youth organization which provides opportunities for leadership and life skills while promoting agriculture awarness.

    Agriculture and Agri Food Canada More Info

    Agriculture and Agri Food Canada works with farmers and food producers to support the growth and development of the agriculture and agri-food sector. Their policies, programs, research and technology help them succeed in Canadian and global markets. They offer a variety of programs within the Agriculture sector.

    Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) More Info

    ACOA works with businesses and communities to create opportunities for economic growth and to help strengthen communities in Atlantic Canada. They provide funding opportunities to businesses and nonprofits that are hoping to expand, modernizes; develop and commercialize products or services; and/or improve their competitiveness. ACOA has a wealth of information on business start-up, expansion, and doing business abroad.

    Bioenterprise More Info

    Bioenterprise is a business accelerator offering commercialization services to help promote the creation, growth and expansion of businesses engaged in Agri-Technologies.

    Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) More Info

    BDC supports Canadian businesses in all industries and in all stages of development through financing, consulting services and securitization, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises.

    Canada Business Network More Info

    Canada Business Network is a business information resources centre that provides free and confidential business counseling to new entrepreneurs, existing business, and community groups. They encourage sound business planning, market research and the strategic use of business information They help business owners at every stage navigate the worlds of governments and services as well as financing and importing and exporting. They have a wealth of information on starting, planning, financing, managing, and growing a business.

    Canada’s Smartest Kitchen (CSK) More Info

    CSK is an innovative Research and Development Centre that provides culinary creativity, food science, and marketing services. They work with food and beverage businesses companies and start-ups across Canada to help take an idea from concept, through testing until it is on a store shelf or restaurant table. They offer flexible services to meet a client’s needs.

    Canadian Intellectual Property Office More Info

    The CIPO is responsible for the administration and processing of the greater part of intellectual property in Canada. To contribute to Canada’s innovation and economic success, they provide certainty in the marketplace through high-quality IP rights, they foster invention and creativity through knowledge sharing, they raise awareness to encourage innovators to better exploit IP, they help businesses compete globally through international cooperation and the promotion of Canada’s IP interests and they administer Canada’s IP system and office efficiently and effectively.

    Canadian Venture Capital Association More Info

    The CVCA is the voice of Canada’s venture capital and private equity industry. We are focused on broadening industry awareness through market research and networking opportunities so that our members can make the best decisions for their investments.

    CBDC More Info

    CBDC is a network of 41 not-for-profit organizations working with government and the private sector to meet the needs of small business in the Atlantic provinces. CBDC helps assist in the creation of small businesses and in the expansion and modernization of existing businesses by providing financial and technical services to entrepreneurs.

    Central Development Corporation More Info

    Central Development Corporation (CDC) is a not for profit community economic development organization that strives to foster a strong economic environment in Central PEI; one that is supportive of businesses while nurturing community growth. CDC focuses on developing partnerships, supporting new and expanding businesses, and growing vibrant communities.

    Chambre de commerce acadienne et francophone de l’ÎPE More Info

    Chambre de commerce acadienne et francophone de l’ÎPE is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting its members’ businesses and economics environment of the community. It aims to serve members of the francophone community on PEI. The Chamber is often the first place a business, customer or visitor goes to inquire about the local living environments, area activities, businesses or services in the area.

    Charlottetown Economic Development More Info

    Open for Business - live here, invest here

    Culture PEI More Info

    Culture PEI is a not-for-profit sector council dedicated to improving the outcomes and incomes of professional cultural workers in the province. They strive to support the needs of employers and employees within the following cultural disciplines: writing & publishing, crafts, digital & media arts, film & television, visual arts, music & sound recording, performing arts, and museums, libraries, archives & heritage. They pool all available data on cultural skills’ education, training & workshops and make this information available on our website.

    Eastern Prince Edward Island Chamber of Commerce More Info

    EPEICC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting its members’ businesses and economics environment of the community in eastern Prince Edward Island. It is often the first place a business, customer or visitor goes to inquire about the local living environments, area activities, businesses or services in the area.

    Enactus More Info

    Enactus Canada is shaping generations of entrepreneurial leaders who are passionate about advancing the economic, social and environmental health of Canada. We rally the energy, ideas and passion of Canada’s best and brightest students who see business as a way to address social issues.

    Export Development Canada (EDC) More Info

    EDC is Canada’s leading provider of financing and insurance for Canadian companies or business in other countries. EDC provides insurance and financing services, bonding products and small business solutions to Canadian exporters and investors and their international buyers. With numerous trade links, EDC provides valuable specific Country Information to exporters.

    Farm Credit Canada (FCC) More Info

    FCC is Canada’s leading agriculture lender which provides financing, insurance, software, learning programs and business services to Canadian producers and agribusiness and agri-food operators. They focus on efforts that support Canadian agriculture, help their customers succeed, give back to communities across the country, create a positive employee experience and reduce the environmental impact. FCC is financially self-sustaining and reports to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

    Finance PEI More Info

    Finance PEI provides counseling service and financing to new and existing businesses that support PEI’s economy by contributing to job and wealth creation. Finance PEI focusing on lending to and investing in activities which are focused on manufacturers, processors and service providers with emphasis on businesses involved in exporting to domestic and international markets, import replacement and value-added processing. Finance PEI strives to maximize development opportunities for the province while balancing financial risk of the project

    First Angel Network More Info

    The First Angel Network Association (FAN) is a not-for-profit organization formed to bridge the capital gap for companies with extraordinary potential in Atlantic Canada.

    Futurpreneur Canada More Info

    Futurpreneur Canada’s mission it to champion and mobilize young and emerging Canadian entrepreneurs by providing the guidance , investment, community, and a voice, to drive their success, and Canada’s economic growth. They provide start-up resources, mentoring, financing, and expertise resources through their Start-up Program for young entrepreneurs and newcomers. Futurpreneur Canada also partners with other organizations to provide additional funding, resources, and mentoring for young entrepreneurs and recently retired & transition Canadian Forces members who hope to start businesses.

    Greater Charlottetown and Area Chamber of Commerce More Info

    The Greater Charlottetown and Area Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization made up of businesses and professional people sharing a common goal - the economic development of the capital region. With over 1,000 members representing a diverse scope of businesses, the Chamber’s primary role is advocacy.

    Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce More Info

    The Greater Summerside Chamber of Commerce promotes trade and commerce by providing a collective voice on behalf of business for the prosperity and betterment of the community. Small and large business from virtually every sector and profession form the membership. Members have opportunity for professional development, benefits, and savings, communication ans and information sharing on business related items.

    Innovation PEI More Info

    Innovation PEI focuses on accelerating economic development in PEI by investing in people, in innovation and in infrastructure. They target sectors with a high potential for economic growth. Innovation PEI is committed to fostering strategic partnerships with industry and academia and other government agencies to develop a more prosperous and vibrant economy. It is made up of three divisions: Business Development and Integration, Trade and Export Development, and Prospecting and Innovation Programs.

    Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada More Info

    Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada works with Canadians in all areas of the economy and in all parts of the country to improve conditions for investment, enhance Canada's innovation performance, increase Canada's share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace.

    Invest Prince Edward Island More Info

    Invest PEI is a partnership of federal, provincial and municipal government working together to attract foreign investment to the province. The one-stop service offers information about locating or expanding a business in PEI, from sourcing realtors, developers, and contractors, to recruitment and training, to preparing tailor made incentive packages.

    Junior Achievement More Info

    Junior Achievement is Canada’s largest youth business education organization in Canada. They teach and inspire youth to succeed in an ever-changing global economy by partnering with teachers and dedicated volunteers to being the “real world” into the classroom. Students who participate in JA programs gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in life. JA programs are based on three pillars: financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work readiness.

    Kensington and Area Chamber of Commerce More Info

    Kensington and Area Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and improving trade and commerce and the economic, civil, and social welfare of Kensington and the surrounding communities; the Chamber works hard to promote the interest of the business community to Government and the community at large. It is often the first place a business, customer or visitor goes to inquire about the local living environments, area activities, businesses or services in the area.

    Launch Pad PEI More Info

    Launch Pad PEI provides assistance and support to startups for over 10 years. They help companies on topics such as incorporation, finding technical resources or product development. LaunchPad PEI has a strong history of assisting start-ups who have attracted investment and made successful exits.

    Music PEI More Info

    Music PEI offers multiple funding programs to members of the Island music industry. Each of these programs is designed to assist artists and industry members at various stages of their careers, with the final goal of creating long term self-sustaining careers.

    National Angel Capital Organization More Info

    We support Angels as they help entrepreneurs turn good ideas into great businesses.

    National Research Council Canada (NRC) More Info

    NRC is the Government of Canada’s primary national research and technology organization in science and technology research and development. NRC now has over 30 approved programs. It works with clients and partners to provide innovative support, strategic research, scientific and technical services to develop and deploy to meet Canada’s current and future industrial and societal needs.

    PEI Adapt Council More Info

    PEI ADAPT Council works with the Island’s agri-entrepreneurs to help foster rural economic development by promoting sustainable production, manufacturing and distribution of Island products.They encourage young people to consider agriculture as a profession, while contributing to other sectors as well.

    PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada More Info

    PEIANC provides short-term settlement services, and long-term inclusion and community integration programs for new immigrants in the province of Prince Edward Island.

    PEI Bio|Food|Tech More Info

    PEI Bio|Food|Tech is a confidential, contract research, processing and analytical service company in Charlottetown, PEI. They provide services to companies and entrepreneurs in the food and bio-processing from concept to pilot to market through three integrated business divisions.

    PEI BioAlliance More Info

    The PEI BioAlliance connects the partners of the PEI Bioscience Cluster to promote, advocate and facilitate the growth of PEI’s BioTechnology sector

    PEI Connectors More Info

    Serving Immigrant Entrepreneurs across PEI - The PEI Connectors Program is delivered through the Greater Charlottetown Area Chamber of Commerce (GCACC) and is in place to serve immigrant entrepreneurs in all parts of Prince Edward Island (PEI).

    PEI Office of Immigration More Info

    The Office of Immigration is responsible for the delivery of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP).

    Prince Edward Island Business Women’s Association More Info

    PEIBWA is a non-profit organization for women business owners and potential women entrepreneurs in PEI. It supports and promotes women business owners, provides information and educational opportunities for women business owners, increases community awareness regarding women active in business across the province. PEIBWA works with local service providers, industry and subject matter experts to house valuable information for its members. They provide guidance and resources for personal and professional growth in a supportive and confidential environment.

    RDEE PEI More Info

    RDEE PEI, a provincial branch of RDEE Canada, is a coordination organization which encourages economic development and job creation in all Francophone and Acadian communities in PEI. It’s mandate is to advise its federal Government partners with respect to the development of policies, programs and services geared toward community-based economic development and employability in Francophone communities across Canada.

    Rural Action Centre More Info

    Rural Action Centres are client-focused, one-stop service centres housing multiple federal, provincial, and non-governmental organizations that are all focused on business and community development. They offer multiple services and programs at their centres including business guidance; business loans and counselling for SMEs; community & project development, entrepreneur education; expansion and diversification as well as other services.

    Service Canada More Info

    Service Canada can be accessed online, by phone or in person by Canadians to access the programs, services and benefits they need from the Government of Canada and its many partners. Service Canada offers many programs and resources for employers including information on the ROE, programs to assist employers and workers EI fund program.

    Skills PEI More Info

    Skills PEI, a division of the Department of Innovation and Advanced Learning, was established to manage the delivery of training and skills development programming. It offers the support of Employment Officers to assist in unemployed Islanders with in-depth job searches targeting private-sector employment opportunities that offer long-term sustainability. SkillsPEI works closely with a number of external service providers who assist with client intake and assessment of clients interested in pursuing SkillsPEI programs.

    South Shore Chamber of Commerce More Info

    South Shore Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting its members’ businesses and economics environment in the community. They serve a membership that extends from Borden Carleton to the west to Cornwall in the east and as far north as the Kinkora Road. It is often the first place a business, customer or visitor goes to inquire about the local living environments, area activities, businesses or services in the area.

    Springboard Atlantic Inc. More Info

    Springboard is the commercialization network of Atlantic Canada. It provides resources to Atlantic Canadian universities and colleges to help them commercialize research and transfer knowledge and technology to the region’s private sector. It connects skilled professionals in academia to industry to creative new collaboration and new ventures.

    Startup Charlottetown More Info

    Startup Charlottetown is a grassroots network of entrepreneurs working together to build an environment for entrepreneurship. Through online platforms, grassroots Startup communities and cross sector initiatives, Startup Canada is advancing entrepreneurial momentum and a culture of entrepreneurship, as the voice of Canadian entrepreneurs.

    Startup Zone More Info

    The Startup Zone is envisioned to be a community hub for entrepreneurs on Prince Edward Island. They are working with business in all sectors including IT, aerospace, food and more. Whether you have an idea, putting the finishing touches on your business plan or are looking to gain customers, they exist to help you build a better business and achieve your goals.

    Summerside Economic Development More Info

    Summerside’s Office of Economic Development offers a full suite of services designed to assist companies in learning more about doing and growing business in Summerside. They offer a variety of services including, customer market analysis by user-defined geographic area; advocating on behalf of business clients for City-related issues; facilitating industrial and commercial development projects; information and advice on programs, statistics and employment areas; etc.

    Synapse More Info

    Synapse helps companies identify the UPEI expertise needed to address business challenges or opportunities. UPEI and its researches maximize the potential of their research results and expertise, and industry and organizations leverage the expertise for economic benefits. Synapse is governed by a board of directors that represent a diverse and experienced mix of industry, academic, and government professionals.

    The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service More Info

    The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service helps Canadian companies and organizations succeed globally. With offices across Canada, they can provide Canadian business owners with on-the-ground intelligence, qualified contacts, partnership opportunities and practical advice on foreign markets. TCS also assist foreign companies in making Canada their next investment destination.

    The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) - Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) More Info

    OSME assists SMEs in better understanding how the government buys goods and services by raising awareness of opportunities and by providing the following information services:; free seminars and webinars; an information line. OSME assists the government in bridging the gap between supply and demand by bringing forward the concerns and challenges of SMEs in the federal procurement process.

    The Spot More Info

    Provides office space and meeting rooms for rent.

    Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island (TIAPEI) More Info

    TIAPEI is a provincial organization which represents all geographical regions and sectors within the tourism industry. It works to support tourism operators across the province by: Liaison between tourism operators and the Provincial and Federal Promotions in major cities in North America, Japan, or Europe. Membership is open to all tourism operators, as well as any individual or company interested in the industry.

    Ulnooweg Development Group Inc. More Info

    Ulnooweg Development Group Inc.’s mission is to provide capital to business support services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada. Services provided include advice and assistance in business planning, new product or process development, assessment of business needs and determination of a strategy for growth, assistance in seeking other financing sources, as well as many others. An online Atlantic Aboriginal Business Directory is available to users and clients online.

    West Prince Chamber of Commerce More Info

    West Prince Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting its members’ businesses and economics environment of the community in West Prince and the surrounding communities. It is often the first place a business, customer or visitor goes to inquire about the local living environments, area activities, businesses or services in the area.

  • Tools and Articles (25 resources found)
    BDC - blog More Info

    From technology to online marketing and anything in between, our experts will share their knowledge and views concerning upcoming trends affecting Canadian businesses and help you make smarter decisions to grow your business.

    BDC - Entrepreneur's Toolkit More Info

    Business tools to help you successfully manage, grow and promote your business

    BDC - Marketing, Sales & Export More Info

    Learn what marketing is in today's world of international business. Develop a marketing plan that draws on business intelligence and identifies opportunities for business development and trade. Make informed decisions that focus on your unique selling points and find new customers through lead generation.

    BDC - Start or buy a business More Info

    There’s a lot you should know about how to start a company or purchase a business for sale. Get the details about everything you need to consider from financing, business planning and marketing to franchise opportunities in Canada.

    Cash Flow forecast More Info

    A tool to help you chart out your cash flow over 12 months. Required to apply for the PEI Micro-loan program

    CBDC First-Time Entrepreneur Loan More Info

    Do you currently reside in a rural area and have recently made the decision to take the plunge into becoming a business owner? If your answer is a resounding yes, then your Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) may have the perfect business loan that you need to put your plans into action.

    CIPO - IP for Business More Info

    According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property (IP) is a creation of the mind. IP includes inventions, literary and artistic works, designs and symbols, and names and images used in business.

    EDC - Six Steps to Export Success Infographic More Info

    Put the exporting odds in your favour. This infographic highlights the six most important steps to start selling internationally, from finding customers to minimizing risk.

    eForce PEI More Info

    eForcePEI is designed to give Prince Edward Island businesses the ability to provide skills training to their employees at no cost. Sign up today, and let the training begin! More Info

    Entrevestor provides news and data on startups in key Canadian communities. We’re best-known for publishing daily reports on startups in Atlantic Canada and Kitchener-Waterloo.

    Futurpreneur - Blog More Info

    Insight, Inspiration and Support for Entrepreneurs & Mentors

    Futurpreneur - cash flow template More Info

    The Futurpreneur Canada Financial Templates have been created to help you outline your start-up costs, financing, sales forecasts and complete a month-by-month cash flow for two years.

    Government of PEI: Business Start-up and Entrepreneurship More Info

    A list of articles from the Government of Prince Edward Island geared at early-stage entrepreneurs. Categories include "Before you Begin your Business," "Business Planning," "Requirements for Starting a Business," and "Start-up Supports."

    How Female Funders is Disrupting the Angel Community More Info

    Guest Blogger, Katherine Hague

    February 11, 2016

    Indiegogo More Info

    Indiegogo is a crowdfunding launchpad for creative and entrepreneurial ideas of every shape and size.

    Insights from Janet Bannister, VC and founder of Kijiji More Info

    At MaRs centre Entrepreneurship 101’s final Lived It Lecture of the year, we heard from Janet Bannister of Real Ventures, who spoke about her experience launching Kijiji, one of Canada’s most successful Internet brands, owned by eBay.

    MaRS Discovery District - Blog More Info

    Stay current with the latest MaRS blog posts and opinions on industry events and breaking news in technology, science and innovation in Canada and around the world.

    New Entrepreneur Success Story - A Taste of Persia More Info

    Ali urges newcomers looking to start a business on PEI to do it in baby steps. When learning a new culture and language, it is
    important to take your time in starting your new business. Ali has found it is important to work with local businesses to embrace buying local wherever possible.

    New Entrepreneur Success Story - Medallion Smoked Salmon More Info

    Located in the West Royalty Business Park Medallion Trading PEI Inc. specializes in premium cold smoked Atlantic salmon.The company is owned and operated by two entrepreneurs who have gone through the PEI Provincial Nominee Program.

    Newcomer Entrepreneur Success Story - Living Grace Cafe More Info

    Running a business on her own has been challenging, but Miranda credits the good team of six employees that she has working with her for her café’s success.

    Newcomer Entrepreneur Success Story - Paul's Flowers More Info

    Larkin Lin,his wife Yan, and their son moved to PEI in 2013. While settling on PEI and performing market research into the local market, Larkin worked with the PEI Connectors and other professionals to identify potential opportunities.

    PEI Businesses For Sale More Info

    A platform to provide a link between people in PEl who would like to buy or sell a business. This website is administered by the Office of Immigration in Prince Edward Island. Its main purpose is to connect newcomers to Prince Edward Island with Island businesses that are for sale; however, this website may be used by anyone interested in buying or selling a business in Prince Edward Island.

    PEIBWA - StartUp101 More Info

    Deciding to start a business is a big decision and there are a lot of moving parts to consider. Our 1/2 day workshop is full of good simple and straightforward information, along with reference materials and contact / resources for your next steps. - Startups University More Info is the world's largest startup platform. They help over 1 million startup companies find customers, funding, mentors, and world-class education. Startups University provides in-depth lessons from the leaders of successful startups.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting More Info

    The Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting will help you get your business export-ready and well positioned for commercial success abroad.
    Learn the essential principles of exporting whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced exporter.

    The Guide will help you to:

    Be more competitive. Apply proven export strategies.
    Sell to more customers. Target global buyers online.
    Close more deals. Secure sources of export financing.
    Enter more markets. Leverage the benefits of free trade.
    Save time & avoid risks. Learn the legal aspects of trade.

Have a resource to add to our list?